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Foldable HIDE BAG®

Foldable HIDE BAG®

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  • Step 1

    Simple open up zippers and unbutton the security fasteners to revel the perfect Garment bag for your cloths.

  • Step 2

    Secure the garment section by zipping and buttoning up to revel extra space for all your other travel essential. Fit in cosmetics, shoes, laptops, you name it.

  • Step 3

    Close the top zipper and there you go! you have successfully packed. Use the aditional straps to carry the bag with a lightweight feel.

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Tired of lugging around hefty bags that cramp your style? ✈️

Travel in vogue with the Jetset Chic PU Leather Duffel. Its unique foldable design means you get a large, spacious bag that doesn’t sacrifice style for space. Crafted with high-quality PU material, it’s the perfect balance between luxury and practicality. Choose from pink, sapphire blue, black, or sky blue to suit your personal flair.

Dont buy our bag if you....

❤️Love breaking your spine carring multiple bags.

🥰Adore ironing your clothes after arriving at the hotel.

🥰Dont like attention and compliments for your cute bags.

"Please note that the wheels for rolling are not included with this product. If you require wheels for mobility, they can be purchased separately."